I do not charge for Remote sessions 

If you want to make a donation after your session click the Paypal button. You are under no obligation to donate and if you do so there is no required minimum or maximum amount. The energy you get during your session is exactly the same whether you donate or not.

ABOUT ME  Erick Henderson

I have been practicing Reiki, Crystal Healing, Pranic Healing and other types of energy work for over 30 years.

The latest addition to my repertoire is the Atlantianite Pyramids.

I offer both contact and remote healing, aura cleansing, chakra work, energetic implant creation and removal and other techniques tailored to a clients needs

You do not need to tell me about any medical conditions as I can pick up what I need to know when I tune in.

If you are asking for healing for someone else, make sure you have their permission, please ask them first.


email eric@northstarcrystals.com with your name

and choice of a day and morning, afternoon or evening.

eg 'Thursday 1st December, afternoon'

I will email you back with a 30 minute time slot

During the 30 minute slot I will tune in to your energy field and make any necessary adjustments.

you can also text or phone me on 07990 874699

During your 30 minute session you should not be driving or operating machinery.

Ideally switch off your mobile phone and find somewhere to sit or lie down on your own where you can be undisturbed.


during your session you may experience tingling or heat in your body. It can be felt anywhere in your body but most often in the hands, feet or the crown of your head.

You may feel deeply relaxed and it is not unusual to fall asleep during the session.

You may become very light and feel as if you are ' lifted out of your body'. You will return at the end of the session.

The effects of the session will continue for about 7 days. You might notice changes in sleeping patterns, energy levels and occasionally short lived emotional swings as 'emotional toxins' are cleared. Old memories may come to the surface.

If you are sensitive to energy you might feel the flow of energy switch on and off during the session.


Some types of illness is believed to originate from blocked or incorrectly flowing energy.

The purpose of remote energy work is to adjust the flow of energy within your system.

When blockages are removed and your energy is free to move correctly your body can utilise its natural healing abilities.

In order not to fall foul of current consumer legislation I have to say that you should regard energy work as for 'experimental and entertainment' purposes only.This is not a medical procedure and I am adjusting your energy field, not working on your symptoms directly. No claims are made to affect symptoms.

Energy work AT SHOWS

click here to go to the calendar

where you will find a list of the events we are attending. I usually offer energy work sessions at shows, though do check first as some events have restrictions on what can be offered.


contact me to arrange.