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Set of 7 medium sized ( 20-25mm) tumblestones in a good quality drawstring pouch.

information sheet included

amethyst, sodalite, blue lace agate, rose quartz, gold tigers eye, carnelian, snowflake obsidian


Energy Balancing stones / Chakra stones


pouch colour / type  may be different from the picture

Energy Balancing stones

  • Called ‘Energy Balancing stones’ or ‘Chakra stones’. There are many systems for using the stones. The simplest way is to leave them all together in a pouch or bag and put them under your pillow at night or carry in a pocket or purse during the day or sit and hold for a few minutes each day. As long as they are within 3 or 4 feet of your body they will work their magic. To learn more about how they work go to

    What to expect ? Each person will react differently to the stones, but there are some common experiences. You do not need to feel anything for the stones to work their magic.

    Tingling, heat or cold at any point in the body. This is a sign that the energy is becoming balanced.                                     

    A “floaty” feeling, as if you are lifted above yourself. You will feel lighter.                                                                                  

    A brief shaking of part or all of your body.                                                                                                      A sense of wellbeing, like being wrapped in a comfort blanket or cocoon.                                                                                           

    A reduction in pain levels. More energy. Deeper, more restful sleep. Lucid dreams.                                                                                     A strong sense of not wanting to be parted from the stones, they become firm friends.                                           

    These can all be signs of your energy being rebalanced.                                                                                           

    Illness / symptoms are often seen as unbalanced energy and some healers believe that if you balance the energy it will beneficially affect symptoms. The stones should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If in doubt seek appropriate medical advice.

    These are not experiences to be sought, they are simply indications that the stones are doing their work well.                    Often there is simply a profound feeling of wellbeing, a sense of rightness, of things taking their proper place.

    An info sheet is included with each set


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