This Atlantianite focuses your attention on what is important in your life, it helps you keep your eyes on the ball. The colour originates from the 24ct gold flakes inside of it. During it's creation it reaches such high temperatures it is flooded with a beautiful golden hue. The beauty of this is only a fragment of its appeal as it is indeed lives up to its name. It is a healer of the subtle energy fixing holes in the aura. 

It reinforces the protective shield around the body and invites in deep protection.

This is an all-round fantastic piece for people who want to heal themselves or give healing. As you advance with your relationship with golden healer you will see it opens you to hearing your own guidance. Certainly, a valuable companion indeed.

Deep healer, repairs subtle energy, reinforces your protective shield, good for self-healing, good for healers, connects you to guidance, an energetic companion for spiritual and healing development. Golden healer is a larger 80mm+ pyramid

You may notice these at MBS shows on the tables of psychic readers and healers. Because it lifts your vibration there is often a perceived increase in intuitive clarity and quality of connection. appears to act as an astringent, tightening up the aura.

Golden Healer