This Atlantianite remedy was inspired by a connection to Maitreya during a meditation session for you to benefit from. This is the first of two remedies for connecting to your deepest-rooted fears and worries with the purpose of removing them from your system. Heal from deep inside. This has very special properties, connecting it can have a profound effect on your emotional state, freeing you from things that have consciously bothered you for a long time. It also frees you from acute bouts of emotional trauma, and emotion distress caught in the unconscious. A truly remarkable Atlantianite remedy that is an essential acceleration tool for those wanting to improve their lives, connection to themselves and spirit, healers and lightworkers.Deep healing, frees the whole being from negativity, removes fear, soothes emotions, connects us to our loving selves, helps us improve our lives, aids spiritual and personal development.

Maitreya No.1

  • Pyramids are 50 - 60mm high, unless otherwise stated

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