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Orgone pyramids are used to transform the effects of EmF Computers, mobile phones, TVs, pylons and other electrical devices emit EmF ( electromagnetic frequencies ).


Scientific evidence suggests that some types of Emf may be responsible for a wide variety of emotional and physical symptoms. The body of evidence is not universally regarded as conclusive proof as cause and effect have not been clearly linked.


From a subtle energy viewpoint the missing link between cause and effect is the human energy field.


EMf sometimes called DOR or Deadly Orgone Radiation causes an imbalance in your energy field, this may be experienced as a variety of emotional, mental or physical symptoms. You may experience moodswings, lack of energy, itching, insomnia, headaches, migraines, skin rashes, localised pain etc.


You will usually notice continuing improvement when you put one of these near your computer, TV or next to your bed at night. As your energy field is stabilised it gives your own energy chance to flow correctly and repair the damage. The more you are affected by Emf the more likely you are to experience rapid improvement.


How to tell if you are affected by EmF ? Stand close to an EmF source ( eg your computer or wi fi router ). Notice how you feel emotionally ie happy / sad Notice any pain in your body any other symptoms such as dizziness, skin itching etc Now, move at least 10 feet from the EmF source and notice any changes eg less pain, feeling happier etc The more the change the more it is likely the EmF is disturbing your energy field. Not sure ? Repeat the experiment with another EmF source


In the same way that not everyone who smokes cigarettes will get lung cancer, not everyone affected by EmF will become ill. A lot depends on your energy levels. If your aura is strong it acts like a filter, if you are ill your aura is usually weakened and is not so effective at screening out unhelpful energies.


If you are affected, get an Orgone pyramid and place near or on top of the EmF source !


There are a number of theories about why these work.

One is that EmF overexcites the normally stable Orgone energy / Life force. The energy flows are disturbed and symptoms result.

When you use an Orgone pyramid the EmF is transformed and stabilised. Like a tree that takes in poisonous C02 and gives out beneficial Oxygen.


Additionally, if you have an existing imbalance in your energy field ( one not caused by EmF) the flow of stabilised Orgone from the pyramid may well be helpful.

We give an unconditional 30 day money back refund if you are not completely satisfied 








Pyramids are appx 50mm high.

Made from a special mix of organic and inorganic resin, base metal shavings and around 15 different types of natural crystals.

COLOURS are chosen at random, if you prefer a particular colour add a note during checkout.


In order not to fall foul of current legislation we have to state the use of Orgone or Atlantianite devices is not meant to replace the advice or treatment of a qualified medical practitioner and no claims are made to affect or cure  symptoms. All items carry an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. 

Orgone Pyramid (50mm)

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