For rewriting ?history? on a molecular level. Ideal for people who have felt themselves being stuck in their development or lives and people who want to take a look at their ascension potential. This Atlantianite takes us back through the layers of our existence, from DNA to past lives. This Atlantianite will work to find anomalies in your DNA and clear and restore bringing it back to its optimum. It looks at anything in the cellular memory that is not beneficial to you in this life time and erases it, it also identifies what is useful and brings it to our attention. By using Paradox, you are letting the universe know that you are ready to stand in your own truth in this moment with a desire to be free of any negative energy or any factors that might be holding you back.

Access past lives, take out of your energy what is bad and holding you back, restore and repair DNA, aids spiritual and personal development.


  • all products come with an unconditional 30 day, money back if not completely satisfied guarantee. Pyramids are appx. 50mm high unless otherwise stated.