SOHSAYA 1 & 2 combo. Combine the properties of Sohsaya 1 and 2 and experience the fusion of their energetic ways. The soft, etheric, expansive Sohsaya 1 excites the crown to trigger a blissful third eye crown connection to higher planes and soft high frequency meditations. Sohsaya 2 with its purposeful channel to grounding the properties of connection, and communication. The two combined provide focused magical meditations with the clearing and activation of the crown, third eye, throat link! Beautiful expansive visions and deep healing opportunities through the higher frequencies it can help you reach. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey thiscombination can provide revelations that are truly enlightening.Good for clear meditations, helps you see in meditation better clairvoyance, clears the crown third eye and throat chakras, activates crown third eye and throat chakras, strengthens the link between you and your guides, strengthens the link between you and the universe, is an acceleration tool ? clear your energy quicker, get higher energy quicker. As a piece in your home, it mends relationships, helps people communicate better, brings heart energy into the space, brings an air of sensibility and grounding, reduces arguments and disagreements. Encourages higher energies and higher guidance to heal you and your environment.

Sohsaya no.1 + Sohsaya no.2

  • all products come with an unconditional 30 day, money back if not completely satisfied guarantee. Pyramids are appx. 50mm high unless otherwise stated.