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Crystal Healing part 2
next date is June 5th 2022 in Doncaster.
To book call organiser Jane CB on 07917 337602

Course leader - Erick from Northstar Crystals


to join us on level 2 you will either have taken our Beginners class or have some  previous experience of energy work, not necessarily crystals, but you do need to be able to 'feel' energy. If you are unsure please call Erick on 07990 874699 for a brief chat before booking.


Crystal Healing Level 2


This one day workshop covers: 

*Distance healing
*Chakra scanning

*Goal balancing 

* Aura scanning & thoughtforms

*Aura Clearing techniques
*Protection techniques & energy hygiene
*Programming quartz crystals 
* Introducing Danburite, Charoite, Serafina, Turquoise, Moldavite
*Crystal combinations for specific problems. 
*the exact mix of techniques varies depending on the needs of the group


DISTANT HEALING It makes no difference whether you and the person you are working on are both in the same room or 12,000 miles apart. Subtle Energy is Subtle Energy and distance doesn't change it. Most people know you can send things like Reiki or 'Spiritual healing' at a distance but did you know you can also send very specific things like the energy of a particular crystal, flower remedies, colours and even affirmations to someones energy field at a distance ? or use a simple method to place a positive thought within a persons subconscious mind without them being present. People often send healing without knowing what effect it has on the person receiving it. We look at lots of ways to tell whether the type of healing you are sending is right for your client. How to get feedback in real time. Its also useful to be able to tell when someone is sending you energy with or without your permission. So we look at how to tell the effect a particular person is having on you plus ways of sealing and cleansing your energy field. Protection methods. All this and more  on Crystal Healing Part 2.


 A certificate of completion is available after completion of the workshop.

Free parking, teas & coffees included.

You do not need to bring anything, apart from a packed lunch or limited food may be available from nearby shops.

All crystals we use on the day are supplied.

A discounted selection of Crystals are available to buy at the end of the day.

Janine Ainley
       I really enjoyed level 2 today even more so than level 1 which was fab. A great insight into everything thank you so much

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