The Archangel remedies act like communication devices. By holding one you 'tune in' to that particular energy.

You can see the effects by looking at the 2nd and 3rd pictures.

Picture 2 shows the aura before and picture 3 the effect after holding Metatron for just a couple of minutes.

The white light around the head of the subject is described as 'pure spirit'. You can see the effect by looking at the subjects face, she has lit up. The healing energy flowing through her hands went up several notches and she felt 'as if connected' like going home. She had been in some pain which she said just vanished, she had not even realised it had gone until asked.


Metatron is about owning your own power, realising who and what you are capable of. Stripping away the years ( sometimes lifetimes ) of illusion and getting in touch with the real you.

Metatron is also described as the Angel of the veil, or recording Angel and is the patron of children.


The simplest way to use the remedies is to switch off your phone, find somewhere you can be undisturbed, close your eyes, sit and hold in your hand for 10 minutes each day. This application  of 'higher energy ' will find and release the blocks in your system. This is the basis of the profound, simple and effective Atlantianite system.
After a while it becomes a golden space in your day, a window of clarity, a daily energy bath to renew and recharge.

Archangel Metatron