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Fed up of not having financial confidence? Do money worries consume you? Would you like some financial freedom?
You work really hard at getting projects earning money but something is blocking you? 
This Atlantianite will challenge your beliefs around what your life and time is worth and alleviate the frustrations and worries you might have when looking at your finances. It does this by healing and balancing the major energy points in the body and aligning your mind and energy with the alternate reality that you are already wealthy. Sounds crazy? It?s really that simple. 
The Atlantianite tells us that we are simply experiencing lack because we are out of alignment and we are living the reality of lack. It can shift this to one side and align you with abundance. 
You will experience profound healing, deep clearing and energising of the base, sacral and solar plexus then a click into your innate right to prosperity. You may notice when holding this Atlantianite that you feel more positive and more able to meet wealth half way. You'll honour your talents, your time and knowledge. 
Attract wealth, increase your ability to earn money, realise self-worth, align with an alternate reality where you're already wealthy, complete projects, ease the flow to getting money


  • Pyramids are 50 - 60mm high, unless otherwise stated

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