A  manifesting  grid is a way of applying higher energy to something.

You write the name of something you want in general terms ie perfect health or successful relationships or financial increase nd place the piece of paper underneath the gold cone which is then surrounded by the 4 coloured cones, as in the picture.


Whether you believe the cones themselves have power or they are acting as a focus for your own energy or another energy source altogether, you may find energy sensations starting in your body as you use the cones. If you hold your hand a few inches over the top of the grid you may notice your hand tingles. Sometimes described as feeling a circling vortex within the cones.


Set of 4 regular cones and 1 gold cone
each comes in an attractive drawstring pouch
colours are picked at random and will vary from the picture

'information and uses' sheet supplied

Atlantianite cones 75mm height x 30mm base

Manifesting Grid