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I created this for a friend who suffers from bad migraines. We have used it successfully on a number of people with various types of inflammatory conditions. When you hold it in your RIGHT HAND you will know if it is going to work for you - usually because the pain goes away!  Have it within a few feet of your body, on a bedside table at night, or sit and hold in your hand. Not intended to replace or modify medical treatment.
The sub text of the channelled information was ' gets you out of an apparently hopeless situation'.

As with all Atlantianite remedies, in order not to fall foul of current legislation, it is for experimental and entertainment use, no claims are made.


60mm, pocket size



  • The properties of the crystals and stones and Atlantianite devices listed are based upon feedback from clients and customers, workshops and courses, published and unpublished sources and over 30 years personal  experience of working with crystals and subtle energy healing.  Northstar Atlantianite device usage or crystal healing should not be considered as a substitute for  conventional medical treatment. Items are sold as being intended for experimental or entertainment purposes only. If you or the person using the crystal or device has a medical issue, you should consult a doctor or other appropriate health care   provider.  Due to the recent changes in UK law we feel obliged to state that because a crystal or Northstar Atlantianite device is alleged to have one or more healing or energetic properties, either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it does not mean that you, personally, will experience, or benefit from, any such properties. Claims are often based on anecdotal evidence and have often not been subjected to independent scientific or medical scrutiny. Any information you receive, whether orally, in written form or electronically, relating to crystals or Northstar Atlantianite devices purchased from us or anyone connected with Northstar Crystals should be understood to be a personal opinion and is not a claim for the efficacy of crystals or Northstar Atlantianite to heal or affect any physical, mental or emotional condition. condition.   ©

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