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A glittering rainbow of natural stones to brighten your day.
Tumblestones are small, rounded, brightly polished pieces of rocks and minerals.
They are made by placing rough rocks in a machine, similar to a washing machine, known as a rock tumbler, which tumbles them round and round, using a mixture of water and grit until their edges and surfaces are smooth and polished. The process can take several weeks as progressively finer grit is added to give the gleaming polished surface.
Like pebbles from the seashore.
Available in sizes 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 25mm and variety of bag weights.
A 1kg ( 2.2lb) bag of the 3mm size contains around 30,000 individual tumblestones !
Used for jewellery making, crafts, orgonite, decoration, scrapbooking, crystal healing, witch bottles.
They look great on top of plantpots or as a vase filler and bring a splash of colour to your home on even the dullest day.
Some of our clients add them to fish tanks.
To identify many of the tumblestones in your bag you can click here  to view pictures of around 100 of the most common types. 
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