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Atlantianite is the trademarked name for a range of handmade pyramids, cones and pocket pieces that act as a connection to 'higher energies' and can help you change your current version of reality.

Made from a special blend of organic & inorganic resins, precious and base metals together with natural crystals, combined with our unique range of energy implants.

The simplest way to use the remedies is to switch off your phone, find somewhere you can be undisturbed, close your eyes, sit and hold in your hand for 10 minutes each day.

This application  of 'higher energy ' will find and release the blocks in your system.

Users of Atlantianite report more energy, better sleep, less pain and a general feeling of 'connectedness' and wellbeing.  Relationships tend to improve, solutions to problems tend to popup seemingly out of nowhere.

This is the basis of the profound, simple and effective Atlantianite system.

After a while it becomes a golden space in your day, a window of clarity, a daily energy bath to renew and recharge.If unsure start with one of the Archangels 'Michael' or 'Metatron'

You can buy Atlantianite here online or at any of the shows we attend.

If you would like to experience the energy of Atlantianite now, we offer a FREE distant energy session.

We link your energy field into an Atlantianite grid for 24 hours, so you can feel the effects. 

Email your name to or call Eric on 07990 874699

nb if you are requesting Atlantianite energy healing for someone else, you must get their permission first.

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